Because I am not a medical practitioner, I do not diagnose or treat disease, or order lab or diagnostic tests. If your health concerns are beyond my scope of practice, I will offer referral to a naturopath or MD as appropriate; however, I am more than happy to continue working with you as part of your health care team.


If you need to cancel an appointment, please give as much advance notice as possible. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of an appointment, please do so by phone.  Unless it is due to a true emergency, cancellation with less than 24 hours notice is treated as a no-show, and requires payment in full.

Fees and Payment

Fees includes custom formulation and development of personalized wellness plan.  Cost of herbs is not included with the consult fee.

Payment by cash or check is preferred; credit and debit cards accepted.

New Client Package

10 weeks for $200 ( $375 value) – includes:

  • Initial intake
  • 2 follow up visits
  • Email/phone access for questions as needed
  • Weekly suggestions, encouragement and reminders, delivered to your inbox, to help incorporate changes

Per Visit Rates

New client intake (1-1.5 hours): $75-$125

Follow up (30 – 45 minutes): $40-$60

Phone calls/email contact of 15 minutes or more will be charged at the follow-up rate.

I want my clients to know that for every hour of contact time we spend together, I generally spend an equal or greater amount of time on formulation, research, and follow up.   Paying at the high end of the sliding scale allows me to offer pro bono services to clients who can’t otherwise access this resource.  If the sliding scale is not accessible for you, please give me a call – I have a limited number of pro bono appointments available, and I’m happy to negotiate payment plans or barter options.