Guiding Principles

As a clinical herbalist, I am first and foremost a health educator, personal advocate, and compassionate ally; my job is to empower you to reach your own health goals.

Herbal medicine supports the roots of each individual’s health – that’s what makes it useful for anyone, at any stage of life and any stage of health!  Whether you are navigating the complexities of chronic health issues, educating yourself about specific herbal remedies, or seeking general wellness support, herbal medicine is for you.

I believe that you can be the best advocate for your own wellness, and my goal is to offer compassionate, affirming and practical guidance to help you build lasting vitality and wellbeing.

My practice of herbalism is:

Person-centered: I am here to support you as an individual. I’ll bring to the table information about human physiology and wellness, nutrition, herbal interventions, and a host of strategies to help you define and meet your own health and wellness goals.

Integrative:  You don’t have to choose between health care modalities. I support the use of herbs along with conventional medical care, and I am happy to work with you and your doctor, naturopath or other provider.  I have the training to help you safely incorporate herbal protocols – and to let you know when to avoid them.

Holistic: We’ll work in a framework that understands mind, body and spirit to be interconnected; true vitality and lasting wellness comes from balance in all three.  What’s more, individual health is not separate from the health of our families, communities, and the world we live in.

It’s important to remember that I am not a licensed health care provider, and as such I do not treat or diagnose disease – I mean it when I say I treat you, not your disease symptoms!  If your health concern is beyond my scope, I am happy to refer you to another provider.


New client appointments generally last an hour and a half.  We’ll cover a detailed health history and in depth discussion of any current concerns.

We’ll work together to come up with an individualized support plan including customized herbal formulas, nutritional support, and suggestions for lifestyle changes.  My priority is to make sure that you walk away with a plan that will help you meet your goals, and that’s realistic for your lifestyle and budget.

I strongly encourage my clients to plan on returning for two follow up visits, usually over the next 2-3 months.  Change takes time, and trying to make too many changes all at once often means they won’t stick.  Follow up visits last 30 – 45 minutes; in some instances follow up appointments can take place by phone or videochat.

Depending on your circumstance and needs, I will either prepare a custom formulation for you at the time of your visit, or have one available for you within 48 hours.

You are never obligated to purchase herbs, supplements or other products from me or from Bear Root Apothecary; you are welcome to purchase herbs from any source you like, and I’m happy to suggest a variety of options.