What to expect

Herbal Health & Nutrition Consultations

I currently offer consultation through the sliding scale community clinic at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. We currently offer virtual appointments only.

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Initial session (90-120 minutes): During your first visit, we’ll cover your complete health history, current concerns, and your personal health goals. We’ll focus on uncovering the root causes and imbalances affecting you, which includes a deep look at diet, lifestyle, and your unique health makeup or constitution. You’ll receive an individual action plan that includes a combination of custom herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle support; I may also review previous lab work, or make referrals to other practitioners.

Custom formulas are available through the VCIH apothecary. You are welcome to purchase herbs from any source you like, and I’m happy to suggest a variety of options.

Follow up session (45 minutes): We’ll check in on progress and any changes you’ve experienced, tailor your custom formulas and action plan. I generally recommend one follow up session 2-3 weeks after your initial visit, followed by monthly visits as needed. The duration of our work together will depend on your individual health goals and concerns.

Working with herbs and nutrition is very different than simply targeting symptoms with pharmaceutical therapy: it make take some time, but we can make lasting and sustainable change.

Guiding Principles

As a clinical herbalist, I am first and foremost a health educator and compassionate ally. I believe that you can be the best advocate for your own wellness; my goal is to offer accessible, affirming, and practical guidance to help you build lasting vitality and wellbeing.

My practice of herbalism is:

Person-centered: I am here to support you as an individual. I don’t use one-size-fits all protocols; I use a lot of listening, in combination with my knowledge about the body, plant medicines, and health to develop a plan to support you in meeting your own wellness goals.

Integrative:  You don’t have to choose between health care modalities. I support the use of herbs along with conventional medical care, and I am happy to work with you and your doctor, naturopath or other provider.  I have the training to help you safely incorporate herbal protocols – and to let you know when to avoid them.

Holistic: We’ll work in a framework that understands mind, body and spirit to be interconnected; true vitality and lasting wellness comes from balance in all three. Our health depends on our diet and environment, among other things – and our individual health is not separate from the health of our families, communities, and the world we live in.

I use a body-positive and gender-affirming framework that embraces Health at Every Size, a health care paradigm that does not assume body weight is a marker for health & wellness, and I offer welcoming, competent care for LGBTQI clients.

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